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Today is Sat Jul 30, 2016
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"How does a timeless city like Las Vegas capture time? - Mayor Oscar B. Goodman

Centennial Time Capsule

"Now that the party's over, let's bury the evidence" - Mayor Oscar B. Goodman

Residents and visitors alike were invited to celebrate with us as we lowered the Time Capsule into the ground on Thursday, December 15 at 11 a.m. The location was the Centennial Plaza on 4th Street near Lewis Avenue in Downtown Las Vegas. This is the site of the historic Las Vegas Grammar School (or 5th Street School) built in 1936 and one of the only remaining intact Mission style buildings of the era in Las Vegas.

Two Time Capsule containers were set in concrete and will be covered with sculpture at a later date. During the ceremony, Centennial staff joined members of the Centennial Committee to press their hands into the wet cement and sign their names for posterity.

So many cities bury time capsules and then (over a 100-year period) forget where they put them. Not so, the Centennial capsule! The monument and its artwork have been designed to be conspicuous. Click here to view drawings of the Time Capsule artwork.

The artist who designed the Time Capsule sculpture is Stephen Hendee, a graduate of Stanford University and the San Francisco Art Institute. Hendee now serves as an assistant professor of art at University of Nevada Las Vegas. Click here to view Stephen Hendee's Web site (

Centennial Web site viewers were invited to suggest contents for the Time Capsule. Click here for a complete list of contents.

The Time Capsule will be opened in 2105 -- that's four generations from now. Pass it on.

Las Vegas Is Truly "The City of 100 Murals"

"Hey, look at that! Who painted that wall?"

What you may be seeing around town are Centennial murals, part of an art and education project designed to commemorate Las Vegas' 100th birthday.

Read more about the murals and get a complete list.

A Virtual Scrapbook of Centennial Events

Every great season deserves a scrapbook. So as time goes on, we'll record a few of our Las Vegas Centennial memories, along with a photo or two. More Scrapbook

Latest addition:
Heirloom Quilt

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